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Activities a little further

AMBOISE 18 km offers its royal castle ; the Clos Lucé, last house of Leonardo da Vinci ; the Pagode de Chanteloup (Chinese tower remaining from an XVIIIth century castle).

At MONTRESOR, 24 km, a castle built on a hill in a beautiful village.
At CHAUMONT SUR LOIRE the castle dominates the Loire river and is associated with an international garden festival.
LOCHES, 28 km, is an old city with a full citadel including the royal house, the keep and the Saint Ours basilics.

Other castles : CHAMBORD 52 km, BLOIS 40, CHEVERNY 35.
Other places of interest : BEAUVAL´s zoo 27km, one of the largest in France, Fantasy Forest 20km, outdoor games, Family Park 20km for young children.
Hot air balloons take off from St Georges sur cher to fly over castles.
Finally TOURS, 40 km, is a large city with cathedral, museums and many entertainment possibilities.

  • Chateau de Blois
  • Maison de la Magie à Blois
  • Chateau de Chaumont
  • Loches
  • Loches
Maison de la Magie à Blois
Maison de la Magie à Bloiss
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